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DoubleTalk PC is designed for use in any PC that has standard 8-bit or 16-bit PC/XT ("ISA") slots. Installation is a snap - simply install the card, plug in the supplied speaker, and you're ready to go! Because DoubleTalk PC uses no IRQ's or DMA, there's nothing to configure. And in most cases, you don't even need to install any additional software.

DoubleTalk PC Photo

DoubleTalk PC/104 is an 8-bit stack-through card for PC/104-based embedded systems. It features 5V-only operation and low power consumption; speaker, line, and voice synchronization signals are brought out to a six pin connector. Non-standard product; minimum quantity order applies.

DoubleTalk PC/104 Photo

DoubleTalk for the Apple II is the original member of the DoubleTalk family, designed for the Apple IIe and IIgs. It works with programs written for the Slotbuster II and Echo synthesizers, including AppleWorks. The text-to-speech synthesizer can also be accessed as a "talking printer" with standard printer commands.

Apple II DoubleTalk Photo